Fresh Foods Farm
Elephant Garlic

We use only Organic Seeds and Organic Soil for all of our crops
- delicious flavor
- soluble fiber
- non starch carb (inulin,  diabetic food)
- fights heart disease and  stroke
- healthy hair skin nails  eyes
- antioxidant protects free    radical cell damage
- eliminates toxins from the  body
- healthy blood pressure  and heart rate
- health liver
- prebiotic
- high in protein
- high in vitamins and  minerals
Elephant Garlic
- delicious
- anti inflammatory
- cancer fighter
- heart healthy
- Lowers Cholesterol and  triglicerides
- regulates blood pressure
- controls fat cells
- antibacterial, antiviral,  antifungal, antioxidant
- high in nutrition

If you’re looking for high quality healthy Sunchokes and Elephant Garlic, you’ve come to the right place. At Fresh Foods Farm we give you healthy, fresh, natural, organic grown Sunchokes and Elephant Garlic. We only sell fresh harvest, you will taste the difference!
Fresh Foods Farm
, Feasterville-Trevose,PA 19053
- Grown with organic seeds and organic soil
- No Pesticides
- No Herbicides
- Non GMOs
- No Synthetic Fertilizers
We only sell our Sunchokes and Elephant Garlic from our fresh harvested crops.
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Located in Bucks County Pa.
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Bucks County, Pennsylvania
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